Job Stories

The house looks great!

Rocklyn Drive, Simsbury, CT

We completely stripped the existing roof and installed a new architectural shingle roofing system.
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Same-Day Roofing Project

Cherryfield Drive, West Hartford, CT

After a comprehensive assessment of the roof we determined that it was in need of a complete replacement.
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Roofing Project

Stratford Road, West Hartford, CT

Laurie and Norm were thrilled with both the roof itself as well as the service provided by Rhino-Back Roofing.
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The house looks great and is secure and watertight

Hoskins Road, Simsbury, CT

This couple was a pleasure to work for.
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Same-Day Roof Installation with Lifetime Architectural Shingles

West Mountain Road, Simsbury, CT

Once the decking was replaced on the West Mountain Road home we then installed Ice & Water Shield on all eaves, valleys, and vulnerable areas, and applied a high-grade synthetic underlayment to the remainder of the roof. A new ridge vent was cut and installed on the breezeway portion to ensure proper ventilation. Installation of beautiful lifetime architectural shingles followed in an Onyx Black color.
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Full Roof Replacement with Architectural Shingles

Silkey Heights Drive, Granby, CT

After installing a synthetic underlayment to the remainder of the decking we installed lifetime architectural shingles in the very popular Estate Gray color.
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Same-Day Roof Replacement & Protection from the Elements

Aster Place, Windsor, CT

The roof looks fantastic and will provide the home with protection from the elements for many years to come!
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Roof Replacement Protects Home from the Elements, Contains Proper Ventilation

Hilltop Drive, Canton, CT

The home is now completely protected from the elements and with is properly ventilated, Kristina & Bob were fantastic to work with.
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Cape Cod Style House - New Roof & Ventilation Fan, Moisture Problems Solved

Cedar Ridge Road, East Granby, CT

For this roofing project on Cedar Ridge Roadd in East Granby, we stripped only a portion of this house and installed a new roof on the front and troublesome low pitch back dormer of this cape style home.
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Jo was amazing to work with!

Arwood Road, Farmington, CT

We stripped two layers of old shingles and installed a new Roofing system on this ranch style home
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Garage Roof Fails, Rhino Back Comes to the Rescue

Zimmer Road, Granby, CT

For this Granby roofing project on Zimmer Rod, we stripped the existing garage, covered the walkway roof, and installed a new roof system in that area on this cape style home.
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Customer's Roof now Water Tight for Years to Come

Weatherly Road, Simsbury, CT

This was a very complex roof installation. We are happy to report it is water tight and will be for years to come.
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Homeowner Trusted Rhino Back's reviews, Ends up with Wonderful looking roof

Ridge Road, Granby, CT

The Rhinoback Roofing team was so happy to be able to help this new homeowner throughout this process, and the new roof looks wonderful!
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Home Fully Protected from the New England Winter Weather

Pinnacle Mountain Road, Simsbury, CT

This customer on Pinnacle Mountain Road knew when they purchased the home that the original roof only had 1-2 years of life left and wanted to have the work done before winter to avoid any major problems with snow and ice.
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Leaky Roof Gets Replaced, Ice & Water Shield Applied for Protection

Camelot Lane, Avon, CT

After a comprehensive inspection of the home we determined that the roof did indeed need to be replaced, and ventilation would also need to be addressed. It was also apparent that the majority of the plywood decking would also need to be replaced due to water and mold damage.
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Roofing Project on a Ranch Style Home

Thrall Ave, Suffield, CT

This ranch style Suffield home on Thrall Ave was built in 1996 and still had the original roof, and although there were no active issues the homeowner decided he wanted to be proactive and have a full replacement done before it started to become an issue.
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Roof and Skylight Replacement

Sunset Hill Road, Simsbury, CT

The existing roof was 26 years old and, although it was not having any major problems, it was definitely in need of replacement.
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Same-Day Roof Replacement Gives Homeowners Peace of Mind

Quorn Hunt Road, Simsbury, CT

After repairing some existing flashing, Ben & Rachel's Simsbury home is now completely protected from the elements, giving them peace of mind for many, many years to come!
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Steep Slope Roofing System Stripped Down and Repaired, Looks Great with Existing Siding

Silver Brook Lane, Granby, CT

The home already had a good laid out ventilation set up so we simply replaced the existing ridge vent. The attic is breathing well. The plywood under the shingles was in good condition so minimal repair of the roof deck was required.
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Roof Replacement and Chimney Rebuild

Hazelmeadow Place, Simsbury, CT

For this customer, we provided a full roof replacement service in Simsbury, CT. We completely stripped 2 layers of shingles down to the original plank sheathing on this 100 year old duplex colonial style property.
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Roof & Skylight Replacement

Clearfield Road, Simsbury, CT

We stripped the existing roof and installed a new roofing system on this colonial style West Simsbury home.
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Bottom line- the house look awesome!

Spoonville Road, East Granby, CT

So they decided on using a really cool shingle color for the Owens Corning Duration Designer Color line called Sedona Canyon.
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Canton CT Roofing - Roof Replaced Prior to Insurance Inspection, Homeowner Provided with Peace of Mind

Dowd Ave, Canton, CT

For those of you reading this review who may want a little background information on this project, this was a same-day Canton CT Roofing replacement on Dowd Ave, an area where we have done quite a bit of work in the past.
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Homeowner Gets Recommendation from neighbor, Has Rhino Back Perform a Full Roof Replacement

Clifdon Drive, Simbury CT, Simsbury, CT

Edmund reached out to us on the recommendation of a neighbor and we were happy to help!
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Ranch-Style Home Roof Leaks when it Rains, Gets Complete new Roofing System to Secure the Home

Canal Street, Simsbury, CT

We installed a high grade ice and water shield membrane in those valleys before the new shingles were applied to make sure Emma and here family don't have the same problem in this tricky area for years to come.
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Complete Roof Replacement

Westborough Drive, Simsbury, CT

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Roof replacement on addition

Barndoor Hills Road, Granby, CT

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Roof with Water Damage Gets Completely Replaced in a Single Day

Jerome Ave, Bristol, CT

This customer's home had a roof that was failing in several areas, resulting in water damage to both the exterior and interior of the home. After meeting with their insurance adjuster it was determined that the entire roof was in need of replacement.
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Roof & Skylight Replacement

Colton Street, Farmington, CT

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Complete Roof Replacement to Avoid Issues Down the Road

Silver Brook Lane, North Granby, CT

This customers on Silver Brook Lane in North Granby were not having any major issues with the roof itself. However, it was recommended that it be replaced due to age in order to avoid any issues down the road. Materials were delivered to the job site the day before work was scheduled to begin, with the dumpster being delivered the following morning.
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Full Roof Replacement

Saddle Ridge Drive, Simsbury, CT

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Roof Replacement

Lark Road, Simsbury, CT

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Full Same-Day Roof Replacement

Lawton Drive, Simsbury, CT

Once this was completed we installed a high grade Ice & Water shield on all eaves, valleys, and high risk areas in order to ensure that the home was protected. A high quality synthetic underlayment was then applied, and we finished by installing beautiful new architectural shingles in an Estate Grey color.
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During Roof Replacement, Ventilation Issues Addressed for Proper Air Flow

Squadron Line Road, Simsbury, CT

After inspecting the roof it was determined that not only did the roof require a replacement, there were also ventilation issues that needed to be addressed in order to ensure that the new roof being installed would have the proper air flow.
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Same-Day Roofing Project to Fix Active Leak in Back Sunroom

Adams Drive, East Granby, CT

This home had an active leak where the back sunroom addition met the main house, but there was concern that since the main roof was over 2 years old that it was due for replacement.
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Full Roof Replacement - Job Completed!

Fox Den Road, Simsbury, CT

Even though the customer is considering selling his home in the next two years, he wanted to make sure no roof issues came up during the sale process. John was a pleasure to work for!
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Roof Repair, an Insurance Job

Tariffville Road, Simsbury, CT

After some convincing, Clay & Diane's insurance company agreed to pay for replacing both the front and the back of the garage roof. We stripped and disposed of the existing shingles, then inspected the plywood deck and installed a completely new roofing s
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Roofing Project to Address Winter Leaks

Stratford Road, Farmington, CT

The roof deck was in fairly good condition, but there where several areas on the lower 1st floor roofs that where leaking, especially in the winter.
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Neighbor Suggests Rhino-Back Roofing to Homeowner with Active Leak in Garage

Kent Lane, Farmington, CT

The garage of this home was actively leaking in an area where an exterior chimney met the garage, and the main house roof itself was also in need of replacement.
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Hail Damage Roof Replacement East Granby CT

Alderman Ln., East Granby, CT

After a large hail storm passed through, the roof on this East Granby home was compromised. The homeowners saw our team working for their nearby neighbors and then contacted us for an insurance roof replacement estimate.
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Hartland, CT Major Roof Restoration

14 Mountain Rd,

At this large property in Hartland Rhino-Back Roofing was called in to take part in a major roofing restoration project.
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Roof Replacement Project Granby CT

Silver St., Granby, CT

On this home in Granby CT we were hired to replace several sections of the roof. We used a drone for aerial footage before the roofing replacement project.
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Gray Shingles Connecticut Roof Replacement

Bushy Hill Rd, Simsbury, CT

On this antique Simsbury home we installed beautiful gray architectural shingles to match the existing color scheme.
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Hail Damage Roof Replacement Granby CT

Zimmer Rd., Granby, CT

Learn all about this Hail Damage Roof Replacement Granby CT
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Hail Damaged Roof Granby CT

Stardust Dr. Granby, Granby, CT

This family from Granby CT had hail damage to their roof. They contact Rhino-Back Roofing to work with their insurance company on replacing the hail damaged roof.
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The Homeowner Says: "I knew who to trust..."

Redstone Dr., Simsbury, CT

We love getting these type of reviews; when the customer is looking for a trustworthy roofer and that is the impression we leave.
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"Skillful and Efficient" Roofer

Barndoor Hills Rd. Granby, CT, Granby, CT

We love hearing words like this from our roofing customers. Check out this hail damage restoration in Granby.
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Granby Roof Shingles Replacement and MORE!

Cone Pond Rd., Granby, CT

We love how this customer felt after their roof replacement!
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"Best Experience Ever!"

Silver Brook Ln, Granby, Granby, CT

We love hearing words like this! We serve Granby proudly with our roof replacement services and customers like this, make it all worth while.
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