*Rhino-Back Roofing does not offer Roof Repair services at this time.*

We receive a lot of calls from our customers asking if we do roof repair so we wanted to make everyone aware that we do not offer that service.

But, is roof repair even the best solution for you?

  1. Do you potentially have hail or wind damage?
  2. Has a tree fallen on your roof?
  3. Is your roof more than 15 years old?

If so, replacement may be a more cost-effective and long-term solution for you than spot repairs.

Many different factors should be considered when choosing between roof repair and a full roof replacement. Whether it's an unexpected storm, wear and tear, damage from a fallen tree branch, or roof age.  If your roof is leaking you will want to take immediate action. Contact a professional roofer like Rhino-back to help you put together a plan to replace your roof in the most cost-effective way. 

Our well-trained installers are experienced in many aspects of roofing service. We are ready to help answer any questions you have and to offer advice that leads you to an excellent roof experience. Contact us now for a free roof replacement estimate.


Completed by Simsbury CT Roofer

Simsbury CT Roofing

Simsbury, CT

Large, expanded brick cape gets a new roof in Simsbury

Completed by Granby CT Roofer

Granby CT Roofing Project

Granby, CT

Granby CT Roofing Replacement by a Roofing Contract Rhino-Back Roofing

Completed by Granby CT Roofer

Granby 5-Star Roof Replacement

Granby, CT

Roof Replacement Granby

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