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Insurance Restoration Roofing & Siding Services

{state} has experienced several storms recently resulting in roof and siding damage from high winds. When your roof suffers damage in a storm, you are likely eligible for funding from your insurance company to restore your damaged roof. If you are like most homeowners you might be unsure how to claim money from your insurance company. At Rhino-Back Roofing, our Connecticut insurance restoration experts are here to help. 

Insurance Restoration Inspection

The first step to insurance restoration is an inspection of your damaged roof and Rhino-Back is ready to help. This will allow us to identify all the damage that was caused by the storm. Our team can then map out the best plan for you to receive restoration to your roofing system with little money out of pocket.

Filing the Claim for Insurance Restoration

After Rhino-Back's roof inspection, our team is ready to help you file your roof damage insurance claim. We have a team of specialists who are well trained in the insurance restoration process.  You will find that we are well equipped to work closely with you and your insurance company. 

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