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Roofing Job Story at Hoskins Road, Simsbury, CT:

For others reading this review here are a few details from the job. We did a full roof replacement on this cute cape style home with detached garage on Hoskins Road in Simsbury, CT 06070. The major reason Jermaine and Melanie decided to do the roof now was they have a very low pitch shed dormer in the back that was leaking around a drain vent pipe. Because of the very low pitch and the penetration of the pipe on that dormer a shingle roof system was not a good solution to solve the problem. They currently had shingles up there which had failed fairly quickly. Instead, we put an EPDM Rubber membrane system on that dormer. A EPDM Roof has no penetrations in it-it is an unbroken sheet. Instead of being nailed down to affix it, it is glued down with a special cement to a backer board that is screwed down to the existing roof sheathing. The beauty of this type of roof is that on very low pitched areas even if you get a large amount of standing water it will never get through. It is 100% waterproof. The down side is it is kind of commercial looking. It look like a black sheet of inner tube rubber with glued seams and strips around the edges. But for this couple's dormer roof it was perfect because it was so low pitch you can't see it from the ground. After the dormer was secure we stripped the rest of the house including the garage and installed a very high quality and asthetically beautiful architectural asphalt shingle roof system. The house looks great and is secure and watertight. When I called a couple weeks later to say hello Jermaine, within a couple days he had already cut out and replaced the water damaged sheet rock and painted the bathroom ceiling that was under that tricky dormer. He is glad he'll never have to do that again. This couple was a pleasure to work for.

Testimonial from Melanie Y. Hoskins Road, Simsbury, CT

Mike, Josh and the entire crew are awesome!

Mike, Josh and the entire crew are awesome! They are friendly, prompt, caring and professional. Everything from our initial meeting with Mike to the cleanup after the job was finished was wonderful. They go above and beyond to do the highest quality work possible. We cannot say enough good things about Rhino-Back Roofing and we will always recommend their services.

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Response from Rhino-Back Roofing:

Melanie and Jermaine, Thank you very much for the very kind review. It was a pleasure to work for you. It was good we got a little break in the weather so we could get the rubber roof on the dormer you were having problems with before you had a bunch of snow up there. Please let's make sure to stay in touch, and I'm sure I'll see you around town. --- Mike & Lisa Trouern-Trend & the whole Rhino-Back Roofing team.

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