Read our job story of one of our valued customers from Hazelmeadow Place, Simsbury, CT.

Roofing Job Story at Hazelmeadow Place, Simsbury, CT:

For this customer, we provided Roof Replacement Services in Simsbury, CT 06070 at their residential home on on Hazelmeadow Place. We completely stripped 2 layers of shingles down to the original plank sheathing on this 100 year old duplex colonial style property. Upon the initial inspection it was discovered that the original roof deck planks had many wide gaps between them. This would have made it impossible to properly nail the new shingles down. So after the roof was stripped, it was necessary to install a new plywood deck over the entire roof surface to ensure secure fastening of the shingles. We then proceeded to install the new complete roofing system. There were also 2 tall chimneys that had outlived their useful life. One was leaning slightly and both had a significant amount of mortar breakdown between the bricks. We demoed both chimneys to the roofline and rebuilt them to the required association height of 3 feet. New ice and water shield, step flashing, and counter flashing were also installed on the new chimneys to make sure Isaac's building is tight and dry for years to come.

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