Read our job story of one of our valued customers from Lark Road, Simsbury, CT.

Roofing Job Story at Lark Road, Simsbury, CT:

This home on Lark Road in Simsbury CT 06070 had a roof that was very much in need of replacement. The roof was actively leaking in several areas, resulting in water damage to the interior of the home. We came highly recommended by a fellow Lark Road neighbor, (another happy Rhinoback Roofing customer)! The day before we were scheduled to begin the project, materials were delivered to the site and the dumpster arrived the following morning, along with our professional and enthusiastic crew. We always recommend that if there is anything stored in the attic that it be either moved or covered however, this customer was recovering from surgery and unable to take care of this step, so we happily placed plastic sheeting over the items that were stored away. Once the existing 2 layers of shingles and all other roofing materials were stripped and disposed of, the plywood decking was carefully inspected for signs of wear and damage, and Ice & Water Shield was applied to all eaves, valleys, and other vulnerable areas of the home. A ridge vent was installed in order to provide necessary ventilation and proper air flow, and a synthetic underlayment was applied to the remainder of the roof deck. Shingles were then installed on the Simsbury CT 06070 home in an Estate Gray color, which looks fantastic! This Lark Road home is now water-tight and fully protected and will be for many, many years to come!

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