Rubber Roofs in Canton CT

Canton CT Rubber EPDM roofing

Own a home or building in Canton, CT? Does your building have a low-slope or flat areas? In most cases, low-slope or flat roofs cannot be covered in traditional roofing shingles. In those places where water will not naturally drain well a common and effective solution is rubber or EPDM material.

When installed properly by a professional rubber roofing company, a rubber roof can serve your building well for years to come. EPDM is a common roofing material throughout Connecticut and New England because it's durable, flexible, and when properly sealed it is weather resistant.

There are various types of composite materials that make up the different brands of rubber roofing. If you are interested in replacing or installing a rubber EPDM roofing system, the associates at Rhino-Back roofing are ready to help.

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