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Same-Day Roof Installation with Lifetime Architectural Shingles Aug 31, 2017

Once the decking was replaced on the West Mountain Road home we then installed Ice & Water Shield on all eaves, valleys, and vulnerable areas, and applied a high-grade synthetic underlayment to the remainder of the roof. A new ridge vent was cut and installed on the breezeway portion to ensure proper ventilation. Installation of beautiful lifetime architectural shingles followed in an Onyx Black color. Continue reading »

Zack M. Aug 31, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Rhino-Back Roofing. The level of service and professionalism, paired with the end result, is far beyond anything I could have hoped for with this project. From the very beginning, Mike and his team were available, informative and made us feel part of the family. We just moved into our very first New England home and found we needed a FULL roof replacement. Here are a few points that highlighted the process for me: • Very detailed initial consultation (complete with attic walk-thru). • Convenient and timely scheduling of work (within 2 weeks). • Fair and equitable pricing. • Top of the line products. • Single day full roof replacement and same day clean up. • Amazing end product and follow up that it met our expectations. This final piece is key and speaks to the character of the company and its owner. A few days after completion, I noticed some damage to my back deck. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this was already there but I called Mike to see what my options were and get his opinion. I didn’t even have to ask and Mike had someone out to take a look within an hour and called me back that night to let me know he was arranging for someone to replace that portion of the deck! To be clear, this was almost certainly a pre-existing issue due to some natural rotting. However, since the issue may have been accelerated by his crew, he wanted to take care of it. Now THAT is how you build a reputation. Thank you, Rhino-Back Roofing. Thank you, Mike. Zack Continue reading »

Thomas S. Aug 30, 2017

was extremely pleased with Rhino-Back roofing owner Mike's attention to detail and completeness when explaining the roofing system, products, cost estimate and warranty. During the follow-up to the estimate, when we discussed some changes, Mike was prompt and very responsive via email and phone to resolve any issues. The Rhino-Back crew stripped all shingles, removed and replaced about 25 sheets of damaged or moldy plywood, replaced 2 skylights, and re-shingled the roof, all in only 1 day. The clean-up was thorough, and there was even a second clean-up person that came the following day to get any small debris that was missed by the roofing crew. This is a 5-star outfit, in my view, and I'd highly recommend them to anyone with a roofing issue. Continue reading »

Same-Day Roofing Project Aug 30, 2017

After a comprehensive assessment of the roof we determined that it was in need of a complete replacement. Continue reading »

Stephanie S. Aug 30, 2017

This is a fantastic company to work with! They think of everything and are extremely attentive and approachable. The crew was fantastic and did a wonderful job on my roof - from set up to clean up. After getting quotes from multiple companies, Mike and his team were by far the best choice - fairly priced, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any and all questions. Continue reading »

Roof and Skylight Replacement Aug 24, 2017

The existing roof was 26 years old and, although it was not having any major problems, it was definitely in need of replacement. Continue reading »

Roof & Skylight Replacement Aug 23, 2017

Continue reading »

Neighbor Suggests Rhino-Back Roofing to Homeowner with Active Leak in Garage Aug 8, 2017

The garage of this home was actively leaking in an area where an exterior chimney met the garage, and the main house roof itself was also in need of replacement. Continue reading »

Roof replacement on addition Aug 8, 2017

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Same-Day Roof Replacement & Protection from the Elements Aug 7, 2017

The roof looks fantastic and will provide the home with protection from the elements for many years to come! Continue reading »

Micky C. Aug 7, 2017

This is the first time I have been involved with hiring a firm for a big project. The roof is large with a high pitch and several sections. I was really nervous. I have to say the Mike (the owner) made this process so easy and it couldn't have been a better experience. Mike arrived promptly for our initial meeting . He presented himself in a professional, yet friendly manner. Our roofing project was described to us in great detail and he took great care in answering each and every one of our questions. Mike's passion for his job was evident. After selecting Rhino Back to do the job, we were pleased to see that the crew (supervised by Josh who was also great to work with) arrived on time each morning. Care was taken to protect our many plants and the clean-up process was very thorough. Our roof, gutters and skylights look great. We would highly recommend this Rhino Back crew to everyone. Continue reading »